Abilio - Childhood Knowledge Dissemination Centre was formed by the successful and natural alliance between the Centre de Psycho-Éducation du Québec (CPEQ) and the Centre of Excellence for Early Childhood Development (CEECD).

Abilio’s mission is to improve the well-being of children, as early as possible. To achieve this, we join forces with key partners to provide practical resources and strategies based on current scientific knowledge. Abilio also aims to share information relevant to informed decision-making in service delivery.

Our three main areas of knowledge mobilization are:

  1. dissemination of evidence-based training and webinars
  2. dissemination of the Encyclopedia on Early Childhood Development
  3. tailoring and dissemination of recent and impactful research findings.

We put our expertise at the service of professionals and researchers working in the child development field.

our services

our services

Our services aim to improve knowledge, enhance practices, inform decision-making and make evidence-based information on child development accessible, in order to support those involved with children.

The Encyclopedia on Early Childhood Development

The Encyclopedia is a comprehensive, reliable and free reference tool devoted to promoting accessibility and knowledge transfer of the best science-based information on early childhood development.

Intended for service providers, service planners, policy makers and parents, the Encyclopedia relies on a solid network of international experts who gather, synthesize and comment, in their domain of expertise, the most up-to-date scientific knowledge available on the development of young children.

The Encyclopedia covers more than fifty topics, from three different perspectives - development, services and policy - that aim to bridge knowledge to decision making.

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A wealth of training courses

Our various training courses aim to support children's well-being and prevent social and academic maladjustment difficulties. They are intended for early childhood educators, preschool and primary school teachers, as well as all those working with children (student’s attendant, pedagogical consultant, psychoeducator, resource teacher, daycare educator, etc.).

Some of our training offerings, such as Minipally and La Forêt de l'Alphabet, are based on research-validated programs. Others deal with subjects closely related to children, such as emotions, social skills, anxiety and prevention guidelines.

All our training courses are evidence-based, enabling participants to implement science in their professional practice.

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Maximizing research impact: A unique service for the scientific community

This service aims to support researchers in maximizing their knowledge mobilization efforts and increasing the impact of their work.

While ensuring that the rigor of shared scientific recommendations is respected, we tailor research results in a variety of formats to be relevant and credible for different audiences and ensure that this knowledge is widely disseminated.

Our aim is to make recent, hard-hitting research results more accessible, in order to advance knowledge and support decisions leading to the implementation of best practices to improve the current and future well-being of our children.

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For more information on our activities, contact us.

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